Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Beeyard Shrinks; A New Account Lands

Just checked in on the beeyard at a ranch about a mile away, where I'd placed some of my smaller swarms. The only one still in healthy condition is the one I trapped myself in a "bait hive" placed in an old treehouse on my property. The three smaller swarms in nuc's all left, and their hives were robbed out--- maybe in reverse order, actually, since I also found and killed a yellow jacket nest about 15 yards away from the hives.

Tuesday I'll check the hives at the Community Garden. They seem to be doing well, and I'd love to extract honey from the larger hive there--- it should have a very unique taste!

By the way: my wife landed my first wholesale account for me! I sold a case of twelve oz jars of Summer Wildflower honey to a great cafe in Agoura Hills called "Blue Table."

They specialize in healthy fare, with absolutely awesome sandwiches and salads at very reasonable prices. I noticed they were selling 7oz "Lavender infused" honey there for around 12 bucks, and it was coming from out-of-state, so I'm hoping my local honey does well there. It's an ideal place to have my honey, so I'm eager to see how it does. Here it is, ready to sell...

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