Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lots of Rain, Freezing Temps, Happy Bees

It rained all last week, pretty much without pause, and when the rain let up the overnight temp dropped below freezing. But during this past weekend the sun was out during the day and we got up to the low 60's, so every hive was busy with bees out front taking cleansing flights, gathering pollen and nectar, cleaning out the deceased bees, and just getting some fresh air.

They take "cleansing flights" because they won't poop in their hive. So, they have to hold it overnight and during bad weather--- so needless to say, when conditions are good they're in a big hurry to get out of the hive!

LOTS of pollen coming in to every hive, oddly enough... I don't know where they're getting it, but since a lot of it's orange I'm assuming there are some California Peppers blooming somewhere...

I'm having my logo and labels worked on so I'll be ready to sell honey this year at the local farmer's market. I'll share both in this blog once they're done.

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