Monday, December 28, 2009

New Laws Regarding Honey and Labels for 2010

With the influx of impure/diluted honey imported into the US, primarily from China,(although it can come by way of Mexico, to disguise its origin), the state of California has reacted with some new legislation which is good news for local honey producers.

All of HomeGrown Bees honey is processed by hand, filtered only once to screen out wax and other comb debris. No heat filtration, no flavor additives, no colors, no heat processing--- just raw, pure honey right out of the hive.

Mass-produced and adulterated honey can be made more cheaply, potentially ending up as the honey you buy at some of the "big box" stores where bargain pricing is the primary draw. With this new law, that honey will not be able to carry a "honey" label, but will instead be "honeydew honey" (see below) or something else. Here's a summary of the rule:

Food and Agricultural Code Section 29413(1) was amended to establish a new definition of honey and set new labeling standards for honey products. In the process, a new crime was created for violating the standards.

According to an article by atty James Spenser in "Central Coast Farm and Ranch" magazine, "honey" is now limited to substances produced by honeybees, and excludes products containing food additives or coloring. A precise chemical composition of honey is described, procedures to influence crystallization are prohibited, and distinctions are made between blossom honey, nectar honey and honeydew honey. The latter term now refers to substances generated by plant-sucking insects other than honeybees. As of Jan 1, all forms of honey products and labels must meet the new standards.

Now it will be easy for people (in California, at least) to tell if they're getting real, honest-to-goodness honey.

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  1. Very glad to see this come about. We have heard of this coming and this protects the actual term "honey". The big chain stores already offer a "sugar free honey" which we all know that this is in fact NOT honey but a man made product.
    Thanks for this post. Keep up the good work.
    Nice Blog!