Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lost the Little Hive; Log Hive Under Attack; More...

That little bunch of bees I got from the compost bin (see below)? They're gone. Driven away either by ants (they went after the sugar water I fed them) or maybe yellow jackets... maybe even other bees, I don't know. They just up and split.

Meanwhile, that hive I pulled out of the log has been under attack by yellow jackets, and they are pissed! I tried taking a look at the front entrance, and they were after me like a squadron of fighter jets, head-butting my veil and just generally calling me out. Fortunately I was completely suited up.

There was a lot of honey in that hive, so it's generating a lot of interest from yj's, other bees, and presumably ants soon. I've gotta stick the stand legs in tin pans filled with oil sometime soon, to stop the inevitable ant invasion.

On a more positive note we got some rain this week, and there's some eucalyptus blooming, among some other wild flowers. So, just for the heck of it I supered four of my hives that already had good food stores, and we'll see if I can get some eucalyptus honey this winter. Very dark, rich honey.

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