Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My First Cut-Out Hive

A few weeks ago I did my first cut-out, where I removed a hive that was living in the wall of a garage out in Santa Monica. The hive was behind a tarp that was hiding an unpanelled section of wall.

I pulled the tarp away, and here's what the hive looked like:

I used a homemade bee-vacuum to capture all the bees, and then cut the comb out and rubber-banded it into some empty frames. Once I got home, I installed the frames, along with a few extra frames with foundation, and the bees into this nuc.

I later moved them into a larger hive box, and fed them. Here's where I feed 'em again, and we find the queen.

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  1. these people are in (Laguna Hills, CA and want someone to take these bees from this tree before they are destroyed. Save the bees!!